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Building at warp speed A new Kingdom Hall will rise to heaven from Thursday to Sunday
Selfie Stick Monopad On Amazon;
Belcourt Castle is finally hers Harle Tinney is moving ahead with plans for the future of Belcourt Castle, since the state Supreme Court ruled last week that Kevin Tinney, the man...
Naughty List (11/08/06) Who's misbehavin'
Michael Petit will make you laugh
features & more
Profile: Mifflin Lowe writer, musician, innovator, conductor and lover of offers for broadband products
Getting naked for a cause
Profile: Andrew Dolan Making music and more  
Profile: Mario Neves An actor on a mission
LeadBuddy Duo lightning cable on amazon
Don' think there will be harmony on the council in the next two years
Newport chose poorly on election day
Election or porn; you decide
arts & entertainment
Comedy series closes with a bang Michael Coleman helps bring the Newport Fall Comedy Series to a close
Getting in the holiday spirit with 'My Three Angels'
He's ... 'Movin Out'     The songs and stories of billy joel are coming to ppac later this month
Sogwriter makes 'Magic' with his latest CD JP Jones releases ‘magical thnkiing;’will perform saturday at emprie coffee
Newport: Hollywood East
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Catch freedom
A heartwarming war story
Speak out! (11/8/06)
Ugh! The 'Predators' are everywhere!
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Mueums & Galleries (11/21/06)
Theater (11/21/06)
Tours (11/21/06)
Nighlife (11/21/06)
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